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Phonak Paradise Audeo P90

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  • $4,618.75

Wear them. Love them. Forget them.

With the innovative AutoSense operating system, Audéo P features improved sound recognition: it automatically analyzes incoming sounds in real-time and adapts accordingly. Clients can simply wear them and enjoy the listening pleasure in various listening situations.

Product Features: Speech in Car, Speech in Loud Noise, Comfort in Echo, Music, Comfort in Noise, Speech in Noise, Calm Situation, Speech in Wind, Speech in 360°, Echo Block, Wind Block, SoundRelax, SNR-Boost, FlexControl, Flex Volume, DuoPhone, Real Ear Sound, WhistleBlock, NoiseBlock, QuickSync, SoundRecover, Tinnitus Balance, auto Acclimatization, UltraZoom Premium, User Preference Tuning, 20 channels, WCP compatible, CROS II compatible.

All hearing aids purchased from Hearing Aids Direct are covered by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturers. 

Also available in rechargeable option. * 


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