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Why are your prices so low?

Because we keep over heads down and come to you. 

What if some adjusting needs to be made on my hearing aids?

Most of the time the first fit will be spot on as it is programmed to your audiogram and comfort levels, if you find yourself needing more adjusting just call us to organize an adjustment appointment or advise.    

What if my hearing aids stop working?

Post them directly to us and we will fix and return at no cost if still under warranty. For peace of mind the warranty is generally 3 years.   Additional warranty can often be purchased for a very low fee.

When can you come and see me to adjust the hearing aids?

Depending our workload anywhere from 1- 8 weeks. 

What if I don’t like my hearing aids?

You have a 7 day return policy – excluding our travel cost.  

What Brands do you fit?

All world leading brands.   

How can I pay?

Bank Cheque, Master Card, Visa, Cash and PayPal. There are no fees for credit card use.   

Do you price match?

Provide a written quote that we can verify and we will beat it by 5%.    

Do you need to see me or can you just post my hearing aids out?

No we don’t just post to you as we would need to have a fitting appointment to make sure your hearing aids suit your hearing loss and lifestyle needs. It’s not a one size fits all product, hearing aids are tailored to each client individually by a hearing professional.   Some on-line hearing aid companies may fit to best fit based on your audiogram but this is a general setting and does not take into consideration your individual comfort levels. If you are paying for state of the art technology with multiple paramaters that can be finetuned to optimize your hearing you are losing most of these benefits if a professional does not fit you personally.

Can we do a fitting in store?

Yes this can be arranged, our main clinic is located in Gordon NSW. 

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